Saturday, June 4, 2011

LA River Ride and Bike Racks!

I hope to see some Glendaliens at the LA River Ride tomorrow. Mayor Laura Friedman will be speaking at 6:30am with Mayor Villaraigosa and then leading the 36 mile ride, which departs at 8:30. I've done the River Ride for the last few years and always have a great time, especially last year, when I biked all the way down to Long Beach with friends, ate a large amount of barbecue at Famous Dave's, and then lazily had my Dad pick us up in his van instead of biking back.

I'm glad to see the new bike racks that have been installed all over downtown Glendale in the last year or two are being well used. This is the rack that I lock up to every day at work. It used to have one bike on it at most, but lately it's been filled with bikes nearly every day.

Here's a video Jen from The Cave made showing the locations of bike racks at Virgil's Hardware, Whole Foods, City Hall, and The Americana as you'd see them approaching by bike. She also points out that if a business you patronize has insufficient (or non-existent) bike parking, ask the manager or owner to install a rack! She and many others have been successful in persuading stores to improve their bike parking.

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