Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Update: John Levin Guilty of Murdering Wife, Microwaving Dog

From the Glendale News-Press: John Levin has been found guilty of killing his wife and microwaving their dog.

A 46-year-old Glendale man was found guilty today of killing his wife and microwaving his Pomeranian to death before fleeing the state, officials said.

Jurors deliberated for a day and half before finding John Levin guilty of the second-degree murder of his wife, Michelle Levin, said Jane Robison, a Los Angeles County District Attorney spokeswoman.

John Levin pleaded guilty to a felony animal cruelty for microwaving his dog before jurors returned with a verdict, she added.

He is expected to be sentenced July 19 in the Los Angeles County Superior Court in Pasadena. He faces 16 years to life in prison for both counts, Robison said.

Glendale murders are rare, and the murder of Michelle Levin by her husband was especially horrific. The comments section of my previous post was filled with many heartbroken comments by people who knew Michelle.

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