Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tropico Tweets

Some recent selections from the Tropico Station twitter feed:
  • what's not to like about Cafe de Leche? they have good coffee, Porto's pastries, LA's 1st bike corral, and Maria Bamford #highlandpark
  • at Hollywood forever cemetery. flight attendant Steve from Bridesmaids is like two rows away. (alive)
  • Should I go to Burbank Historical Society aviation presentation or the "World Naked Bike Ride" in Echo Park? Choices, choices. #IloveLA
  • Single handedly solved Glendale's budget deficit by getting 8 billion parking tickets in last 6 months. You're welcome.
  • just saw group of mariachis crossing Central with instruments. thought it was another clever glendale pd pedestrian sting op
  • overheard: "What a life, to just have to worry about your fucking lawn."
  • the bleary-eyed process of making the first cup of coffee in the morning is fraught with peril.
  • 47,700 US pedestrians killed while walking from 2000-2009. Use @t4america 's interactive map to find out where.
  • biked to work every day for the last several weeks EXCEPT Bike to Work Day. I volunteered so I got a special dispensation from @lacbc
  • lunch spots sandella's AND bee bop at glendale marketplace have closed. getting postapocalyptic over here
  • The lamb and caramelized onion tacos at My Taco in Highland Park are outrageously good.
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