Thursday, June 2, 2011

Inside Mario Lopez's Historic Glendale Home: "Lorelei"

Mario Lopez is in the News-Press today due to a code violation snafu involving his Glendale home, which is on Glendale's Historic Registry. The house, called "Lorelei," was built in 1929 by the inventor of the armored car.

From the City of Glendale's Historic Registry:
The history of this home began in 1929 when Peter Damm built and occupied the home, calling it "Lorelei". Damm was born in southern Germany and immigrated to the United States in 1891. After attending law school in Chicago, Damm relocated to New York where he became involved in the automobile body manufacturing business. During this phase of his career, Damm was credited with being the inventor of the armored car.

Moving to Glendale in 1928, Damm planned the construction of his future home on Kempton Road. Damm had small scale models of the house placed in various angles on the two-acre site in order to determine what location the structure should be built in order to take maximum advantage of solar energy. Following Peter Damm's death in 1953, the property has had a number of owners.
The city report on the property with pictures is here (PDF).

This video I found via the Los Angeles Real Estate Blog shows more of the home and interior.

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