Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Suicide At Burbank Shooting Range

A 25-year old man from Glendale fatally shot himself at the Firing Line Shooting Range in Burbank on Monday. The only report of the incident I've found is a short blurb in the Burbank News-Leader. I am a member of that range and shoot there frequently. They only rent guns to parties of two, unless you're a member.

I've always found the staff there to be very safety conscious.

Suicides at shooting ranges aren't unheard of, but I couldn't find any other reports of suicides or incidents at the Burbank range.


Anonymous said...

I drove by that scene at about 7pm. My friend said "I bet someone died", and I replied "I doubt it". I was wrong.

I hike a lot near de bell golf course, I assumed that the shooting occurred where the policemen practice shooting in those mountains.

I haven't seen any mountain lions yet in california. I saw one on the side of the road in Alabama in 2004(eating deer carcass?).
...Guess which mountain is in the background?

Scott said...

Can't see the picture quite large enough to make out the mountain. The Burbank police range at Wildwood Canyon isn't open to the public, as far as I know.

Firing Line is open again now. I feel bad for the staff member who was there at the time. I'm not sure who it was, but they're all really nice.

Anonymous said...

Me again. I was at the top of Brand Park Mountain. Pasadena is behind me mostly, i think.

I've never fired a gun. People that like firing guns scare me, general.

I see on your flickr account that you like jets and planes. My childhood friend, tim cooper, had a brother that was on the b-52 bomber that crashed into the ocean near Guam the other day. The brother's name was Christopher. Tim is devastated. He lost his mother to cancer last year too.

Anonymous said...

There was another shooting there today. I was driving past the range as the police and fire department were arriving. I knew something had gone wrong so I googled it this evening. I found your blog entry as well as what happened there today. A man shot himself in the head at 12:50 P.M. today.

Scott said...

Wow, terrible. I actually shot there just last night. Here is the article about the incident today: