Monday, July 28, 2008

Laser Tag!

Laser tag is one of those things I always wanted to do as a kid but never really got to. Actually, I played one game at the Mall Of America, where I quickly became laser cannon fodder, but still...I have a childhood laser tag itch that has not been scratched. And now Glendale has a laser tag place, which has opened after an arduous battle over fire department permits.

From the Glendale News-Press:
On June 6, Zone Laser Tag, located at 826 N. Glendale Ave., opened without advertisement or much announcement; only a banner splayed across the face of the building heralded the grand opening as word began to spread of Glendale’s only laser tag center, Guiragusian said.

Since then, customers have streamed in — including 18 birthday parties in June — and the facility’s owners are optimistic they could soon erase the nearly $1 million both invested.

The facility is divided between a small play area for 7 and 8 year olds, a snack bar, and the main attraction: a two-tiered labyrinth cloaked in darkness where customers can chase each other through a series of corridors, up ramps and around corners.

“It’s crazy adventurous,” Gary Kemkemian, 17, said. “See all this sweat? It’s like a form of exercise.”
So if shooting invisible death rays at sweaty 17 year olds sounds like a good time to you, check it out. I find it amusing that it opened on D-Day. Or should I say, LASER D-Day.

Zone Laser Tag
826 N. Glendale Ave.
Glendale CA 91206

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