Friday, July 25, 2008

Los Feliz Par-3 Golf Course Prices Double

Sorry, Glendale residents. Prices at the Los Feliz Par-3 Golf Course have doubled for us thanks to a new resident/non-resident pricing scheme.

Non-resident weekday play is now $8.50, up from $4.25, and replays are now $6.00 instead of $2.50. Not shockingly expensive, but it certainly makes it a less attractive course for a quick practice game. If you'd like to get some inexpensive practice, you can't beat the DeBell par-3 in Burbank, which is still $3 for 9 holes.

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Jeff - Casual Clicks said...

Shocking! 50% increase? I used to get such a nice feeling strolling the course with you knowing we'd gotten such a great bargain. All the trees and birds seemed jsut that much more pleasing...not anymore. Maybe picketing is in order! Da Bell it is.