Thursday, July 10, 2008

Glendale On Film

What's your favorite Glendale sighting on film? I have a new favorite, from The Naked Gun.

"Terrorist Headquarters, Beirut" is actually El Miradero, the unusually styled mansion built by Leslie Brand that now serves as the Brand Library and Art Center in Brand Park.

Before this sighting, my favorite instance of Glendale on film would be from Double Indemnity, which prominently features the Glendale train station as the departure point for a murderous plot. Are there any other movies that feature Glendale prominently?


Elise Kalfayan said...

Moochie of the Little League, a two-part television World of Disney feature that aired in 1959, was filmed at Babe Herman Little League Field (as it was subsequently named), 1728 Canada Blvd. in Glendale. According to Disney's chief archivist, the film shoot took place July 6-8, 1959. Babe Herman Field is the home field of Glendale's Jewel City JWV Little League, the first Little League established in California. League representatives appeared before Glendale's city council this past week to argue about Glendale's proposed hourly fees for sports leagues' use of its fields (story here).

starlen said...

One part of The Cell was filmed in the courtyard of the city building at Glendale and Broadway. The diner scene in Memento was filmed at the Grinder's on Wilson (which is now closed, and has a sign for its last restaurant incarnation as "Nice Catch" or whatnot).

That's all I can think of right now.

Anonymous said...

Crimewave (1954) is a little noir that mentions Glendale and has Glendale locations. I saw it a few years ago.

These two are listed at IMDB (among others) that were shot in Glendale:

The Hazards of Helen (1914)

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Scott said...

A friend told me about Crimewave a few weeks ago and I have it coming from Netflix next week. I'll do a post with screen captures of any interesting Glendale shots. Plus I really like Sterling Hayden.

Anonymous said...

The Cinematheque at the Egyptian is a nice resource and not too far - just hop down Cahuenga. They do noir and other good fests.