Sunday, July 27, 2008

Strange Encounters At DeBell Golf Course

As a supplement to my earlier post about the Los Feliz Par-3 Golf Course rate hikes, here are the rates for the DeBell Par-3 Golf Course in Burbank.

While I was playing there today an attractive woman who lives across the street lost her pet parrot, which despite having clipped wings somehow managed to fly 40 feet up one of the tall trees lining the golf course. She enlisted the help of a man who stopped his Harley nearby, and the two of them stood in the middle of the road for 30 minutes throwing limes towards the tree-bound parrot while screaming "Coconut!" Coconut was apparently the parrot's name. So between my game and watching those two, I definitely enjoyed $4 worth of entertainment.

On a somewhat unrelated note, my favorite experience at the Los Feliz Par-3 happened when I once went there by myself and joined a game with a stranger. He kept making calls on his cell phone. I heard him talking about money and "a quarter of Tom Cruise." I was thinking...Tom Cruise? He's either a super-agent or this is some sort of crazy drug deal...or both. I pondered this for several holes, and then myself and the Tom Cruise guy joined up with two other dudes. The other dudes and Tom Cruise guy made small talk about that nights Laker game, when suddenly Tom Cruise guy blurted out "Yeah, I sure am going to watch the game tonight, I'm just trying to get my DRUGS lined up for it!"

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