Tuesday, July 1, 2008

99 Cent Carnivorous Plants

Over at Franklin Avenue, Mike posted some recent deals he found (including wine!) at the 99-Cent Only store in Bellflower. Here is my favorite ever 99-Cent Only purchase:

A venus flytrap! When I saw this at the 99-Cent Store at San Fernando & Sonora about three months ago, I couldn't resist. At the time of purchase it was much smaller and looked almost dead. For weeks, I avoided killing flies in the kitchen in the hopes of giving the little guy some prey. Eventually, he sprouted more jaw things and started catching flies!

My theory is that this is some sort of impossible to kill super-flytrap, as it probably was forced to survive for months in a discount store or supermarket before finally being cleared out at the 99-Cent Store.


Hamford said...

On the topic of hardy plants, I gave my brother a set of cactii for his birthday a while ago. He dropped one little inch high cactus down the back of a wardrobe somehow, where it stayed, sans light and water for literally about 5 years until the wardrobe was removed, the cactus being found as nothing more than a dusty yellow husk. For some odd reason he started watering it and it came back to life! It's now bright green and over 6" long! (It's Sam 'Intern from Ingland' D by the way - nice blog!)

Scott said...

Thanks, Sam. Now if we could somehow cross-breed the your drought-tolerant and pointy cactus with the deadly jaws of my Venus flytrap, we would have an unstoppable killing machine!