Sunday, April 26, 2009

Truck Goes For A Drive In The LA River

Here's a new addition to the crazy stuff I've seen in the LA River - a Ford Bronco driving upstream underneath the Los Feliz Bridge!

Dude, you're lost!

"Which way to Costco?"

Watching this truck ford the river was almost as crazy as seeing completely naked homeless guys merrily splashing around in the water near Fletcher a few months ago.

Today I also saw this band shooting a music video in the river - they must've been quite hardworking, because they were still in the same spot several hours later when I biked back from Chinatown.


Phyllis Harb said...

Scott, do you ever eat in China Town? I love Chi Dynasty in Los Feliz... just curious. I have yet to find a China Town restaurant which I enjoy.

Scott said...

Yeah, I eat in Chinatown - Philippes! I actually have really never gone to Chinatown for Chinese food. My companions and I vowed to go back for dim sum soon. Yesterday we were a bit late for the dim sum places.

A. Erik Yesayan said...

I think the best place for chinese food is in the san gabriel valley.. the food there just seems much tastier and more authentic. My favorite places are Luscious Dumplings on Las Tunas Drive, Noodle House on Garvey Ave., and Din Fai Tung in Arcadia.

Anonymous said...

It's actually a chevy blazer.