Sunday, April 19, 2009

B-2 Stealth Bomber Over Glendale

While walking to lunch in downtown Glendale on Monday I heard an unusual jet sound, looked up and was stunned to see a B-2 Stealth Bomber flying overhead.  It's hard to mistake the silhouette of a B-2 for anything else.  This is how planes SHOULD look.  I assume it was coming back from a flyover on opening day at Dodger Stadium.  Very cool.  As a side note, both yesterday and today I saw a B-17 Flying Fortress over the skies of Glendale.  Here's a lucky photo I took of the B-2.


Jeff Lowe said...

very cool shot! I agree, that IS how planes should look. Does it have a unique sound?

I just flickr posted the photos I took of Chrissie on Wednesday at Descanso/Arboretum. I think they came out well. She works at Julie's store and goes to school, too.

Scott said...

The sound was not especially unusual for a military jet - but when I heard it, I knew it definitely wasn't a 737 coming in to Burbank.

GUSD Cycling Club said...

Here's the link to a vid I shot of Apaches flying over my house on April 9th.