Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Laura, Ara, and Frank

Full results here:


Jeff Lowe said...

wow! congrats to her and everyone on the campaign! That was a big field for her to top and she didn't even seem to have that many street signs...hahaha

Jeff Lowe said...

and it seems like about a very solid 55+% voter turn out

Scott said...

the votes cast is actually the cumulative votes for all of the candidates, rather than the total ballots cast. each ballot could choose up to three candidates.

Anonymous said...

Great seeing you last night!

Thanks so much for all your help and support Scott. But most of all, thanks for your wonderful blog - it's a great Glendale resource!


jojo said...

Dear newly appointed city council members,

The weather is so beautiful these days, can we get some of this action in Glendale?


Scott said...

I will enjoy a hearty laugh the day Glendale starts taking cues from Williamsburg. Jojo, I'm getting a group together for a 15-20 mile ride this Saturday, come ride with us!