Saturday, April 4, 2009

Glendale Noon Concerts: Still Awesome

My friend and musician, dedicated cyclist and all around good guy Alan Deane took a moment to write a nice little note to the News-Press today about the excellent Glendale Noon Concerts organized by Jackie Suzuki at the First Baptist Church in downtown Glendale.
There’s a great little free opportunity that I take advantage of here in Glendale, and you should too: Glendale Noon Concerts. I go every time and they’re top notch — let’s spill the secret! If you live in the area and are free at noon, so is the concert. In these hard times, when money is scarce and no one is working, come on out. It’s a bright little half hour every other Wednesday on Wilson Avenue and Louise Street.

I couldn't agree more. There is now a blog for the Glendale Noon Concerts with info on upcoming shows. I highly recommend stopping by on your lunch hour for a free concert. Bring friends.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Scott,
Thank you for posting Alan Deane's enthusiastic letter
and also the link to the blog and pic of us playing at the Glendale Noon Concerts!
Jackie Suzuki