Monday, November 17, 2008

More On Toonerville Injunction

More info on the preliminary gang injunction against Toonerville:
Glendale PD and the City Attorney have also put up a detailed press release. Here is an excerpt:
Filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, the proposed gang injunction would severely restrict the ability of the Toonerville gang to engage in criminal and nuisance activities within the Los Angeles River-Glendale Safety Zone as defined by a 4.5 square mile area within the Los Angeles Police Department’s Northeast Division and the City of Glendale as well as a 1.25 square mile area within the Los Angeles Police Department’s Foothill Division.

Terms of the proposed injunction include many of the standard gang injunctionprovisions, including limiting the gang’s ability to associate in public with other members, intimidate witnesses, to sell or possess drugs, or to possess weapons or graffiti tools.

The injunction also includes provisions for gang members to stay away from Chevy Chase Park in the Northeast LAPD division and Palmer Park in the City of Glendale – two locations known to be used by the Toonerville gang to hold meetings, engage in gang activity and intimidate residents.

According to law enforcement declarations filed with the court, the Toonerville gang has claimed the area within the L.A. River-Glendale Safety Zone for several years as its territory for criminal and nuisance activity including the sale of narcotics, graffiti vandalism, and intimidation. Members of the Toonerville gang are know to use weapons and violence to facilitate the local drug trade and have been linked to area murders, assaults and shootings.
Here are maps of the areas covered by the injunction:


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