Friday, November 21, 2008

Arthouse Update

This is a follow up to my letter in News-Press this week suggesting that the city attract an art theater such as a Laemmle to the soon-to-be-vacant Mann Exchange 10 space on Maryland. I've just read on the L.A. Now blog that the Laemmle One Colorado theater in Pasadena lost their lease and closed two weeks ago.

Move west, Laemmle! Downtown Glendale is very well placed to attract audiences not just from Glendale, but also from Burbank, North Hollywood, Atwater Village, Glassell Park, Eagle Rock, Silver Lake and Los Feliz. Currently the most convenient independent options for these areas are the Playhouse 7 (too far) or Los Feliz 3 (too small). Opportunity knocks!


Nora said...

That's it, how do we make this happen? Your suggestion is so perfect, and everybody I've spoken to about it thinks it's a great idea. I want to get the ball rolling on putting several bugs in several ears in the City...there is NO way I'm going to stand by and watch another theater close down while the Americana takes over everything!

Scott said...

Beyond the theater idea, it's important for the city council to know that their constituents care about the arts. To that end, writing e-mails to the individual members of the city council politely expressing your desire for more museums and culture downtown is a good place to start.

Scott said...

Nora, shoot me an e-mail: