Saturday, November 1, 2008

Blight At the Corner of Chevy Chase and Brand

In my backyard, grrrrr. I spoke against this at the zoning administrator's hearing but the zoning change to allow it was approved by Edith Fuentes.


LM Kuta said...

What bothers me even more is that there is another check cashing place just a block east, on Central & Chevy Chase. It was a lovely corner store front when it was a florist.

Scott said...

I know. I mentioned that during my comment at the Zoning Administrator's Hearing. What complicates the overall argument against is that this is not a new check cashing place, but is actually a pre-existing one that is moving from a mini-mall a block away at Brand & Palmer. Still, it is a much more prominent location and within visual range of the other payday advance place at Central and Chevy Chase.

I LOVE the building at the SW corner of Central and Chevy Chase; it's really a shame it's such an ugly business. It's a cool little modern building and would make a great diner with those giant windows.

AVN said...

I'm not a fan of the banner treatment on that corner, but I don't have an issue with the business itself. A lot of hard-working people need check-cashing stores when they can't use traditional banks. Some 40 million adults in the US are "unbanked," some due to immigration status, some due to the fact that banks don't have convenient locations or only stay open "bankers hours." United Way LA has a full report in the Unbanked Problem in LA.