Saturday, November 22, 2008

Eighteen Memorable Miles

Today my Dad and I walked from Union Station to the sea with Franklin Avenue's Great L.A. Walk. Our route was Cesar Chavez to Sunset to Santa Monica Boulevard. I had a great time and held up pretty well physically. Here are a few photos.

There's only one way to start an 18 mile day: with a mega-breakfast at Phillippe's. I also satisfied my once-a-year craving for corned beef hash.

The crowd gathers at Union Station.

We're off!

Some hand-scrawled insanity in Santa Monica.

Finally, 18.3 miles after we started, the sweetest sight.

The hero of this year's walk was my Dad. At this time last year, he was recovering from a heart attack and could barely walk around the grocery store without getting winded. In only a year, he's gotten into good enough shape to walk 18 miles!

The full set of photos is up on flickr. And a big thanks to Mike at Franklin Avenue for organizing another great event!

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Maria said...

It was great seeing you and Anne last Saturday. A big job well done to your Dad! He did better than me.