Sunday, September 7, 2008

New Bike Lane On Glenoaks!

Striped Class II bike lanes have been painted on Glenoaks Boulevard between Grandview and Pacific Ave. as part of the Glenoaks Rehabilitation Project (PDF). Phase II, which will extend the bike lane from Grandview to Spazier Ave in Burbank, is just beginning construction.

Earlier this week I saw that the lanes had been striped, and today I noticed that the bicyclist icon has been painted. Get out and enjoy those bike lanes!

As reported previously, Glendale's dedicated cycling amenities are pathetic. On the plus side, our city is beautifully paved, whichmakes riding a road bike much less stressful. Now we need feeder bike lanes coming right into downtown!


Carlos said...

Hi there. Thanks for letting us know about the new bike lanes. I wasn't even aware of this initiative to 'beautify' Glenoaks and make it more bike-friendly. I am a Burbank resident and would like to know when they are extending it all the way to Spazier? Thanks in advance.

Scott said...

hi Carlos,
In the report to the City Council linked above, that stretch of Glenoaks repaving and bike line striping was scheduled to begin in July and finish in October 2008.