Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Glendale CNG Station Approved

The Glendale City Council has spoken and our new CNG station is a go! The council was excited about the proposal (Councilmember Frank Quintero spoke about how glad he was that the station was going to finally be built) and all of the councilmembers in attendance voted in favor of the proposal.

I had never been to a council meeting before, and found it very interesting. From now on I'll keep abreast of forthcoming City Council agendas and attend meetings on interesting topics.

Since I was unfamiliar with the precise mechanics of a council meeting I was unsure of if/when I could speak --the "public comment" section on the agenda specified that it was for comments not covered on the existing agenda, and the CNG station was clearly on the agenda. When two other people spoke regarding the proposed CNG station, I scrambled to fill out a comment form and rushed it to the City Clerk at the last moment and was able to give a statement (brief, awkward) in favor of the proposal.

Now that the go-ahead has been given to Clean Energy, the station could be open as early as this spring.

More CNG info here.

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Jeff Lowe said...

Money always talks. Don't think I noticed not much about the station/cng being better for the environment.

I wonder how the city can be made to stop playing gestapo enforcer against people trying to conserve water during this drought by changing their front yard landscaping?