The BEST of Tropico Station

A few of my all-time favorite posts. Start here.

My all-time favorite post: stills from the Glendale locations featured in Crime Wave, an obscure 1952 film noir filmed almost entirely on the mean streets of downtown Glendale, alongside new photographs I took of the same locations today.

Why the heck is one of our main streets named "Chevy Chase"? Who or what is Chevy Chase? Is it the same as the comedian?

The awesomely spooky abandoned old LA zoo in Griffith Park is absolutely worth visiting! Photos and directions:

Another of my all-time favorite posts: I was asked to help explore and identify a mysterious abandoned settlement/camp in the Verdugos.
The follow up post, where I solve the mystery thanks to Glendale's awesomely knowledgeable Special Collections librarian:

Directions to prominent early Glendalian Leslie Brand's eerie hidden cemetery in Brand Park. He's buried under a giant stone pyramid!
More pictures from the hidden cemetery:

Everyone loves Porto's Bakery. Get the most out Porto's with my top secret Porto's tips, gleaned from years of hard-won experience:

Looking at historic photos of Brand Boulevard in Downtown Glendale from 1905 leads me to an obscure building that is the oldest in downtown Glendale...and still standing!

Photos and a map of a walking tour of Downtown Glendale I led with Arlene Vidor of the Glendale Historical Society:

Iconic film noir Double Indemnity was set and filmed partly in Glendale:

I discovered a secret sexy nude lady in a painting at The Americana at Brand!

Seeing Glendale locations pop up in movies is always fun. The funnest is probably when the Brand Library doubled as "Terrorist Headquarters, Beirut," in the first Naked Gun movie.

South Glendale is dense and walkable. I made a map of my favorite amenities for a friend who was considering a move to the area.

Thoughts on my occasionally ambivalent relationship with Glendale. I list the good, the bad and the ugly of life in Glendale.

Dubious Glendale fact: Scientology was actually founded in Glendale. Not as cool as Baskin-Robbins, but still.

A dispatch (with videos) of a spectacular holiday show at the Moonlight Rollerway with Charles Phoenix.

A post I made, as well as a letter to the News-Press, that proposed attracting a Laemmle Theater to the space vacated by the Mann 10 at the Glendale Exchange...which is now actually happening, more or less.

Some out of touch comments by Glendale city councilman Dave Weaver on bicycling and traffic safety in our city, and my response.

A great video of a Glendale PD helicopter flying a few feet over me before landing on the roof of Glendale PD headquarters. This was taken during a class I took with the Glendale PD. We got to meet the pilots and inspect the helicopter.