Friday, November 12, 2010

Map of South Glendale Amenities Within Walking Distance

I have a friend who is considering a move to South Glendale, so I made her a personal map of my immediate neighborhood to illustrate some of the nearby amenities I make use of. One of the reasons I enjoy my neighborhood is because it is dense, urban, walkable and far removed from Glendale's reputation as a homogeneous suburbia.


Skrip said...

This map is so cool. You make me miss living there. I moved out right before they started on the Americana. I lived a block west from the Galleria for about 8 years. Trader Joes and Farmers market! I used to go to another Trader Joes as well, think it was south, on Glendale BLVD.?

Scott said...

There's the Silver Lake TJ's on Hyperion which is also very close.

Sunroom Desk said...

I've been missing your posts! This one is great...I often think of how conveniently close everything is once I'm in downtown Glendale.