Saturday, June 14, 2008

Future Site Of The Glendale Triangle

Here is the future site of the 218-unit Glendale Triangle complex as it appears today. Currently there is a tire shop, a Burger King, and the Atwater Village Newbie's favorite car wash on the site. I was motivated to take these pictures because I regret not documenting the Americana site before demolition.
In the lower picture you can see the new red light camera that's just been installed at Los Feliz and San Fernando Road. It will become fully operational on June 30th. Here are the intersections in Glendale with red light cameras:
  • West bound Mountain St. at the intersection with Verdugo Rd.
  • South bound Glendale Ave. at the intersection with Broadway
  • East bound Colorado St. at the intersection with Pacific Ave.
  • North bound San Fernando Rd at the intersection with Los Feliz Rd.
  • East bound Los Feliz Rd at the intersection with San Fernando Rd.
It's dangerous as hell to blow through a red light, plus it'll cost you $380, so slow down. Glendale PD's red-light camera FAQ explains a few situations that make me paranoid when approaching a camera intersection:
What if the light was YELLOW or GREEN when I entered the intersection?
  • Drivers are only cited via the camera system for entering the intersection after the light has turned RED. If you enter an intersection on a green or yellow light you will not receive a citation. Remember, the red light camera program is about RED violations; it is not illegal to enter an intersection on a yellow or green light. The goal of the program is to increase the safety and quality of life for Glendale residents by reducing red light running.
Can I TURN RIGHT on a RED LIGHT at Red Light Photo-Enforcement intersection?
  • Yes, but only after bringing your vehicle to a complete stop before the limit line, which is the first white crosswalk line or other painted limit line. You are not required to simply slow down as you make your turn, you must stop. A “CALIFORNIA ROLLING STOP” IS NOT A STOP.
  • * Drivers may NOT turn right at an intersection which is marked NO RIGHT TURN ON RED.


AVN said...

Here's a tip the Glendale PD won't give you: Drive around town with your sun visor down, so they can't photograph your whole face, and you can claim you weren't driving the car at the time.

Kendyl Young said...

Hey, thanks for the tips. It freaks me out a little when the light flashes at the intersection of Verdugo and Mountain. I spend the next several moments obsessing over what I might have done. At that point I would be a safer driver if I had a cell phone jammed in my ear! ;-)