Tuesday, June 17, 2008

4,300 Gallons Of Diesel Stolen In Burbank

Here's a crime I've never considered. From The Burbank Leader:
More than 4,000 gallons of gasoline were stolen early Saturday morning from an Exxon station in Burbank, an unprecedented theft in the city at a time when gas prices continue to rise, police said Monday.

Between midnight Friday and 5 a.m. Saturday at least one suspect driving a gasoline tanker-truck pumped about 4,300 gallons from the underground storage depot when the station, located at 2417 N. San Fernando Blvd., was closed, Lt. Armen Dermenjian said.

There were no eyewitnesses and police do not know how many people are responsible for the theft, but investigators believe that the truck used was not imprinted with company logos usually found on gas tankers, he said.

“We have no reports of a gas truck being stolen,” Dermenjian said, “so it was probably unmarked. They would have had to have brought a tanker truck to the gas station, but whether it was stolen or not, we don’t know.”
Presumably the theft was commissioned by a dirty gas station owner. This week I'll post some real solutions to high gas prices.

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Anonymous said...

It was me. I've got it stored in my garage next to the water heater.
$ 3.25 per gallon. I'm open M-F from 9 to 6. BYOS: Bring your own spigot.