Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cookie Dough Ice Cream Completely Lacks Cookie Dough

Today I bought some Dreyer's cookie dough ice cream to help cope with the 104 degree heat. Just one problem: NO COOKIE DOUGH PIECES! After one scoop from the container unearthed no cookie dough, I assumed Dreyer's was being stingy. I dug deeper in the carton, looking for any trace, and found none. Perhaps the ice cream had melted, causing the heavier cookie dough chunks to collect at the bottom of the carton. I dumped the entire container in a large bowl and poked through it with a spoon. Still no dough. Generally the Dreyer's light ice creams are triumphs of food science, but they really had an off day with this batch!


Anonymous said...

Your place must be sweltering. I see that the ice cream has practically melted by the time you scooped it out and took the photo.

Scott said...

I also was poking and spreading out every inch of the ice cream, which made it melt faster.

Anonymous said...

Disappointment. I wonder if there is a chocolate cookie dough for representing those chocolate chocolate chunk cookies.

Anonymous said...

I wrote Dreyer's about a similar experience and the following was their response:

n our manufacturing process, added ingredients are mixed into the product using a special feeder. Unfortunately, we are occasionally the victims of human and/or mechanical error. In this case, it appears that the cookie dough feeder was not operating properly; therefore, placing none in your cartons. I am truly sorry that this incident occurred and marred your enjoyment of our product.

Please watch your mail for gift certificates for two cartons of any DREYER'S with our sincere apologies.


Dreyer's Ice Cream

Because they were so fair and went to the trouble of explaining the problem I'll now go to the trouble of buying exclusively Dreyer's ice cream.

Scott said...

Two cartons! Did you report a problem with two cartons, or only one? I received the exact same letter, but I'll be getting a gift certificate for only one carton.