Sunday, October 21, 2012

Updated**: *NOT* President Obama In the Skies Above Glendale

This afternoon I was at the Glendale Train Station taking some photos when I heard helicopters in the distance.  I looked up and saw two Sikorsky Sea King helicopters approaching.  As they drew closer, my jaw dropped as I could see they both bore the distinctive markings of Marine One -- the helicopter used by the President of the United States.  For security reasons, Marine One always flies with a decoy/back-up twin.  This sighting easily ranks with the Space Shuttle Endeavour and the B-2 stealth bomber as the most exciting aircraft I've spotted above Glendale.

*Update: I spoke too soon! When I originally wrote this post, I assumed that President Obama was actually in one of the helicopters, but after researching his schedule, he is at Camp David today.  From what I've gleaned so far, the helicopters are on a practice run for a future presidential visit.

*Update #2: Sunday's sighting of a pair of "Marine One" helicopters is explained: President Obama is going to be on The Tonight Show in Burbank on Wednesday 10/24; the helicopters were on a practice run.

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