Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Letter To The City Council Regarding Proposed Honolulu Road Diet

The proposed Honolulu Road Diet project goes before the City Council for approval tonight.  I wrote this letter to the council expressing my support for the project:

Honorable members of the City Council,

I am writing to encourage you to vote for the proposed road diet project on Honolulu.  This is one lane on one road for one mile.  Literally every other road in Glendale is entirely dedicated to the car, and the opponents don't believe they can share one lane, on one road, for one mile...for six months?  Ask yourselves: is that right?  To have 99.9% of roads dedicated entirely to the benefit of those in cars, and not want to share even one tiny piece with others?

In the 2011 Allstate Insurance report on accident rates in the 200 largest cities in the country, Glendale maintained its ranking as the third most dangerous city in the country in which to drive.  As a Glendale resident, you are 80.8 percent MORE likely to be involved in a collision than the average resident of the 200 largest cities in America.  In the 2011 report, the statistical average interval for a Glendale resident to be involved in a car accident was a mere 5.5 years - almost a year sooner than the Glendale's 2005 average of 6.3 years.

Glendale has an abysmal record of speeding, car accidents, and pedestrians and cyclists maimed and killed.  It's time for the city council to look to the future, slow down speeding and create a safer environment for pedestrians and bicyclists -- and drivers too, even if they don't realize it.


Scott Lowe

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