Thursday, July 12, 2012

Amazing Photo of Bear in Chevy Chase Canyon

Imagine waking up at 3am and seeing this on your back patio?  That's what happened to one resident of Chevy Chase Canyon last night!  Photo by Greg Crawford.

With temperatures rising, it's especially important to avoid throwing out deliciously smelly food well before trash day because the bears have excellent senses of smell and can smell the food in your trash bins.  For safety tips, check out this guide to living with bears from The City of Glendale (PDF link).

I've designed this Glendale flag in honor of our furry residents.  I'm also working with Glen Bearian, the famous @TheGlendaleBear, to get these on shirts soon.  


Anonymous said...

The bear is still in the canyon. Comes by nearly every night. Stands up to look in the window. Seems very pleased to get attention.

Kent Vallette said...

He (or perhaps she- she is thought to have a cub in tow) came by for a bowl of honey, some strawberries and a pat on the head on Linda Vista Road last Monday. Looks like she has lost weight since we saw her last a few months ago. Cub birth could explain that weight loss. In any event, it is a very nice and friendly bear.