Thursday, July 26, 2012

Exploring the Restored Seeley's Building

Today I was able to explore the restored Seeley's Furniture building at the south end of Glendale.  After being vacant for many years, it's been converted to pleasant creative office spaces that retain much of the building's original character.  You can find more information from the developer.  Local blog The Sights The Sounds has a nice overview of the history and architectural features of the original building.  During the period in which the building was mostly vacant, it was occasionally used for filming, most prominently in the Coen Bros film "The Man Who Wasn't There."  The entire news station set in Anchorman was also built inside the Seeley's building.

Inside one of the three residential lofts.  They all have the same layout.

The three residential live/work spaces are detached from the main building.
One of the office spaces.
View from the large third floor office.
 Large third floor office.
 Large third floor office.

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