Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wanted Man Caught In My Boss's Backyard

From an e-mail sent by my boss:
Our neighbor across the street called XXXXX this morning to tell her our street was blocked off yesterday from 5 PM to 10PM and crawling with cops. Apparently, there was an escaped convict who climbed down from the 2 freeway into our neigborhood. For the first two hours, there was no info given to the residents. They finally found the guy in OUR backyard using dogs around 10 PM. I guess we picked a good day to be out of town. Can't find the story anywhere.
Another co-worker was kept out of his neighborhood for several hours while his wife and kids were locked down inside the perimeter.

From the News-Press:
Vasquez said the man, wanted for assault with a deadly weapon, jumped out of the car and ran down a nearby hillside. Glendale Sgt. Tom Lorenz said LAPD officials asked Glendale for help in the search until more of their own officers could arrive.

“We were able to get there quicker and locked down the area,” Lorenz said.

Vasquez said LAPD officers, aided by police dogs, began to search the area.

The search quickly expanded to nearby neighborhoods for several hours until officers apprehended the man in the 1800 block of Verdugo Road.

“Neighbors were told to stay inside,” Vasquez said. “The suspect was found about 11 p.m. in the [wash] behind a home.”
Glendale PD's APB e-mail alert, sent out while the search was still going on:

LAPD, with the assistance of Glendale PD, is currently searching for a suspect in the area of Verdugo Rd and Hillside Dr. It is unknown if he is armed, but residents should remain in their homes, lock their doors, and call the police about any suspicious persons or activities in the area. Though a complete description is not available, the suspect is a male Hispanic, 5’9”, and approximately 160 pounds. He has black hair, though his head may be shaved.

Please forward this information to your neighbors, and encourage them to sign up for APB Glendale

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