Wednesday, June 24, 2009

In Praise of: Community Thrift Shop

Update: Sadly, The Community Thrift Shop is out of business. Thrift Alley at the Assistance League of Glendale is a nice substitute.

Since the Salvation Army Thrift Store closed at Brand and Wilson, I haven't had a good local spot to browse through on a regular basis. This week I noticed the Community Thrift Shop at Broadway and Everett, just a block east of Glendale Avenue. On my first brief visit, I scored a really nice lightweight shell jacket ($5), this kick-ass painting of an F-86 shooting down a North Korean transport plane ($20), and a set of mod coffee cups (50 cents a piece). At a glance the clothing seemed to be very nice and everything was very well-priced. Worth a visit!


Jeff Lowe said...

Aaron Brothers has a 2 for 1 sale...might be a good time to get frames for the new painting and other stuff you have. I'll be going and getting about $600 worth for the 60+ prints I just ordered from my lab.

oddlyme said...

Okay I am very jealous of your coffee cups. So cool!