Friday, February 27, 2009

Wednesday Night Police Chase and Gunfire

There was a police chase and gunfire in the neighborhood on Wednesday night. The violent incident began when a man broke into his wife's apartment, violating a restraining order she had against him. From the News-Press:
When police knocked on the apartment’s front door, Asatryan jumped out of a kitchen window, Lorenz said. But an officer saw him and began chasing him east on Lomita to Central Avenue, he said.

The officer tried to catch Asatryan and cut a corner, but ran into a chain that was used to close off a parking lot, Lorenz said.

The officer was hurt, but kept running after Asatryan, who had already gotten into a car, he said.

“The suspect attempted to run down the officer and, in doing so, he collided with another vehicle,” Lorenz said.

The officer feared for his life and safety, so he pulled out his gun and fired numerous shots at Asatryan’s car, he said. Asatryan was not struck by bullets, Lorenz said.

Gunfire hit the car, but Asatryan kept driving on Central and turned east onto Colorado Street, he said.

Asatryan lost control of his car and crashed at Colorado and Central, where he got out of the car and continued to run from police, Lorenz said.

Another officer caught up to Asatryan, tackled him to the ground and arrested him at Orange and Colorado streets, he said.

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