Friday, February 27, 2009

Burbank Time Capsule Photos Published

The Burbank Times has published 47 high resolution photographs of Burbank in 1959 recovered from the time capsule recently removed from the Magnolia Boulevard Bridge. Check them out - it's amazing how recognizable modern Burbank is in the 1959 photos.

(via Burbank Library Blog)


qazwsx said...

Great find. Thanks!

Deanna B said...

It would seem that those in 1959 assumed that all the civic buildings would have long since been torn down by 2009, so they helpfully provided us photos of them. They had enthusiastically demolished (or remodeled beyond recognition) almost all of the buildings that existed in Burbank before 1909, so they had no reason to guess that people from later decades would value and want to preserve historic buildings.

But some of the really interesting finds are in the background of some of the photos. The California Theater on Magnolia (still standing, but now it's a plain-looking church), a 1940s Bob's Big Boy on San Fernando, and some other buildings that perhaps we should have also saved.

Mike said...

The best part is their two-page prediction of 2009 Burbank. Atomic energy, moving sidewalks, etc. Love it -- the Jetsons future that never came.