Friday, September 7, 2012

Glendale Driving in 1914: Lions, Speeding Motorcycles and Spilt Milk

Glendale has a long history of bizarro driving stories - my personal favorite is this one from November 22nd, 1914.

GLENDALE, Nov. 21st 
The sleep of a lion was disturbed, a street was converted into a milky way, three motorcyclists were injured and four vehicles damaged here as the result of two accidents here last night. 
Irwing van Osdoll and Mason Morris, both of this city, were riding on a motorcycle, tandem fashion, last night, when they crashed into an unlighted wagon of the Barnes circus, just leaving town, on Central Avenue. 
So vociferous were the protests of the lion in the cage of the wagon on being disturbed in its slumber that its roars attracted several score of persons from the neighborhood. They found the young motorcyclists stretched out and to secure an ambulance, John Galt, janitor at the Glendale Union High School, leaped into the saddle of his motorbike and speeded to the police station.  At Central Avenue and Seventh Street he crashed into a dairy wagon.  
The motorcycle was wrecked and the wagon overturned, spilling milk in all directions.  Mr. Galt Suffered lacerations of the hands and face.

And we finally know who John Galt is!

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