Monday, May 14, 2012

It Came From Goodwill*

I love combing through the Goodwill thrift store on Brand for odd items.  Here are a few recent finds:

a painting of owls 
 a bird made mostly of seashells
 a s'more prison
 a 4th grade California mission project
a bloomin' onion chopper
 a 2 foot tall shiny black pirate ship/lamp/clock that says "Best Wishes" (beats a card!)
kitty cat artwork
a Glendale Bear pillow

and the ultimate in Glendale footwear

* 05/22/12 adding a few more recent finds:

creepy clown

bizarro doll with hipster glasses

sinister Santa lamp

BONUS creepy mannequin at Nordstrom


Anonymous said...

I want that pirate lamp clock

Anonymous said...

Is there a brand name on that clock so i can look it up?