Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ex-Councilman John Drayman Indicted For Embezzling $304,000 to $880,000 From Montrose Harvest Market!

From the Glendale News-Press, which is completely owning this story:
"Former Councilman John Drayman was indicted today on charges that he embezzled between $304,000 and $880,000 from the weekly farmers market in Montrose. 
In the indictment filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, prosecutors also allege that Drayman falsified tax returns to hide the embezzlement, which they say occurred between 2004 and 2011.
Drayman, who was arraigned on the felony charges at a downtown Los Angeles courtroom, pleaded not guilty to the charges. They include one count of embezzlement, 10 counts of filing false tax returns, five counts of money laundering, three counts of forgery, one count filing a false financial statement and eight counts of perjury by declaration."
I highly recommend you read the ongoing coverage at the News-Press.  As of this writing they've also put up  a timeline of Drayman's extensive legal problems (this indictment doesn't even touch the ADI scandal) and have posted a PDF of the full indictment against him.

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