Friday, March 30, 2012

City Council Approves Draft Bicycle Master Plan!

The Glendale city council voted on the draft bicycle master plan Tuesday and it's moving forward!  Fantastic news.

From the Glendale News-Press:
The first of its kind in 15 years, Glendale’s new draft Bicycle Transportation Plan includes recommendations for new bike lanes and routes, coloring in some lanes, adding more shared lane markings — known as sharrows — and even slimming down some roads to make way for dedicated bicycle lanes. 
“I think there are many, many reasons to do this and very few reasons not to,” said Mayor Laura Friedman during the special City Council meeting. 
A HUGE THANK YOU to Mayor Laura Friedman, who has been incredibly supportive from day one, and the rest of the council (except Weaver).  Laura even organized and led the first ever Glendale "Mayor's Ride" in September.  Check out photos from that ride on my Flickr.

Mayor Friedman with Glendale police officers Josh Luna and Sue Shine. [photo by Martin Orozco]

If you are interested in these issues, I highly recommend you follow local advocates Walk Bike Glendale to stay up to date:


Bob Thompson said...

Thanks, Mayor Laura and Glendale City Council! I walk, bike and drive this stretch or road every day. We need more protection from speeding motorists and this bike lane will help a lot. I often have cars whizzing by me in the crosswalk at Honolulu and La Crescenta Ave. The Bike Lane will hopefully slow them down a bit and make them aware that they need to "share the road".

Adrienne said...

I live on a very busy street in Glendale. Grandview Avenue, which a lot of bikers use for training and such for the incline. I have no problem with having a bike lane and "sharing" the road, my problem is that bikers need to obey ALL the same traffic laws. Far too often when going up or down the street bikers will go right through the stop sign because they don't want to lose the momentum they have built up. You momentum is not as important as the safety of everyone. Please remember this when advocating.

Scott said...

Very true, Adrienne. A number of us in Glendale [including myself] just took classes to become certified cycling instructors and hope to offer safety classes in the near future.

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