Monday, January 28, 2013

Crash Sends Two Vehicles Flying Into Griffith Park (PHOTOS)

I was riding my bike at the north end of Glendale Riverwalk this Sunday when I heard the judder of anti-lock brakes followed by several loud, dull metallic crashes. I walked to the Victory Boulevard bridge over the 5 freeway and saw evidence of a terrible multi-car accident - two vehicles had veered into Griffith Park and crashed into trees, one of them was crunched into a tree and another was overturned on its side. There were at least 4 other vehicles stopped nearby. At least one person was trapped in a vehicle. A CHP patrol car pulled up, then countless fire trucks, ambulances, supervisor vehicles, park rangers, etc. The firefighters cut away the warped door from the gold Ford Fusion and removed the trapped woman. I couldn't see exactly what happened to the SUV - several firefighters surrounded it and were doing something with an axe, but I wasn't close enough to make out the details. I haven't been able to find any more info about the accident, I hope everyone made it out okay. If you know more about the accident please post in the comments.

In this photo you can see a woman trapped in the gold Ford Fusion.
I believe the woman in blue is a nurse who stopped to help.

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