Monday, April 30, 2012

The Museum of Neon Art's Neon Cruise: A Wild Ride Through LA History

On Saturday I hopped on a double decker bus for  The Museum of Neon Art’s Neon Cruise.  The Museum of Neon Art is in the midst of moving to Glendale, so we started this special Glendale version of the tour at The Americana, just across from MONA’s new location on Brand. The tour was quite different - and better - than I had expected.  Many of the neon signs we saw were fantastic, but what really makes the tour worthwhile is guide J. Erik Lynxwiler’s expansive, frequently hilarious and deeply knowledgeable stream-of-consciousness narration on LA’s history and culture.  His knowledge truly makes the tour worthwhile. 

Also, and this I didn’t expect: everything is much more interesting from 15 feet up.  You notice details you just don’t pick up at ground level.  You also occasionally have to duck for trees (really).  I highly recommend the tour, which runs on Saturdays from June to September.  They hope to do the modified Glendale version of the cruise once a year as a special event; the normal cruise departs from Chinatown.  Get your tickets here (they sell out) and dress warmly!

Here are some pictures from the cruise below.  I’ve also uploaded an expanded version of this photo set to my flickr.

looking down Brand from the top of the bus

 Leaving The Americana

 Future site of Lex on Orange

 Great White Hut

 Zinke's Shoe Repair

 Cruising down Brand


Victorian Houses in Angelino Heights

 Downtown Los Angeles from Angelino Heights

 watch out for those trees!

 Los Angeles City Hall

 new LAPD HQ

 Chop Suey/Far East Cafe

 Philippe The Original

 The Orpheum Theatre

 The Eastern Building

 The Pantages

The Museum of Neon Art's Future Site on Brand Boulevard

Which will soon look like this-

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