Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Visual Primer on Caruso and the Golden Key

I put this together for my own amusement a few weeks ago and never got around to posting it. Mike at Franklin Avenue has nicely summed up my own sentiments about the whole Caruso-Golden Key mess: downtown Glendale is full of massive, empty retail spaces! Three-quarters of the intersection of Brand and Broadway is gaping, empty retail spaces! Much of the Americana is giant, empty retail spaces! The most prominent street-facing storefront at the Americana -- the long-promised Panini Cafe space at Brand and Colorado -- has been empty since the Americana opened!

6 months after the Americana opened, I called the management of the Panini Cafe chain to see if they were actually coming to the Americana, and they said the deal had fallen through. The space is still empty! And now we need a tacky, expensive hotel in place of the long-standing, unglamorous-but-tidy Golden Key?


Anonymous said...

sounds like making a bigger empty space with the relocation of Nordstorm. Looks like it will be easier to shop in Aracia. Nordstorm made a very big mistake.

Phyllis Harb said...

Scott, I have missed your posts, glad you are back. I think the Nordstroms addition is great for the Americana. They needed an anchor and I think this is it.

But, am I the only one to notice? There are people @ the Americana, but most of them aren't shopping there. Next time you are there count the shopping bags you see (the ones from the Gallaria don't count.