Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Images of Circuit City Site Project

Some imagery from the EIR of the "Broadway Lofts" project that is slated to replace the former Circuit City site at the intersection of Maryland and Broadway. Demolition of the Circuit City building is progressing at a rapid pace.

Environmental Impact Report

Article About the Groundbreaking Ceremony from the Glendale News Press

*I'm feeling uncharitable:

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The Cave Public Wine Storage Lockers said...

You're commentary...way too funny, thank you. If only it were bigger...and uglier...then it wouldn't age so poorly. Not like now.

Anonymous said...

I think this building is the embodiment of Capitalism run amok. There isn't an original idea anywhere on this building. It's just BIG. And grotesque. And awkward, as if the architectural team who cobbled this thing together were each given a facade to design. And the guy who got the corner... whoa. WTF is up with the circular corner motif so rampant in Glendale? But it's the sheer enormity of these buildings and the unrelenting homogenization of the streetscapes that disturbs me most.

In fact, so much of Downtown Glendale has been homogenized in this manner. The downtown district has lost its architectural honesty, with the Americana being the biggest and most garish example of architectural dishonesty - a caricature of a Disneyland Main Street that has engulfed 1-1/2 city blocks and turned it into a faux 1800's promenade. The old brick storefronts which Americana replaced were honest buildings and they gave unique character and charm to the streets. And this new apartment building (if that's what it is) is just one more example of the insatiable appetite Capitalism has for consuming everything in its path - including the heart and soul of a city.