Friday, September 25, 2009

Museum of Neon Art Coming To Glendale!

Fantastic news - the Museum of Neon Art is moving to a city owned building in downtown Glendale! The museum will be in the building on Brand that housed Rite Aid before Rite Aid moved just across the street to the Americana. This is the most exciting bit of movement downtown in a long time. How nice to have an actual attraction downtown rather than endless, boring retail. I'm also excited because the museum also hosts concerts and other cultural events, and I'm sure they will continue that in Glendale as well. Thanks to the city council, and especially John Drayman, who actively pushed to make this happen.

Next - lets get an art theater into the Mann Exchange 10 when its lease expires...

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Dr. Lao said...

Hooray! Neon is the ultimate, I think. Los Angeles was one of the first cities to use it and I'm very glad to hear about the museum coming to Glendale!

Love your site!

PS: I live and grew up in Glendale. I can remember when it was a sleepy little town. :)