Monday, August 10, 2009

On Vacation!

I'm off to Europe for a few weeks. My rough plan is to spend about a week in London, head south to hang out with a pal in Sussex, then fly to Prague and eventually take a train west to Amsterdam, probably via Berlin. I'm going very lightweight and am trying to meet locals, so if you know anyone interesting in Prague, Berlin, London, Amsterdam or anywhere along the way, feel free to shoot me an e-mail (or have them shoot me an e-mail). I'm bringing an iPod Touch to snag wifi so I should have pretty frequent e-mail access. I'll update my Facebook status when I can. I won't be updating the blog with Glendale news until I get back, so in the meantime I have scheduled a series of posts featuring photographs of my last Europe trip in 2007.

Sadly I will be missing the Crime Wave screening in Brand Park on August 23rd, but Arlene Vidor has kindly offered to give a slideshow of my photographs of Crime Wave locations. Should be a fun night.

Okay, the first picture from my last trip: in 2007 I spent a day exploring the ancient city of Palestrina with this absolutely lovely Irish couple I had just met, Frank and Ethna. I found this photo again recently and it choked me up a bit. Here they are:

See you in September!


Jeff Lowe said...

Go, explore, discover a world outside So Cal. Keep your eyes and ears open and your head up. Stay safe while meeting new people. Avoid bad decisions caused by drunkeness. Keep us posted and return safely home to your loved ones.

Arlene Vidor said...

Already- fantastic photos. I love them. Keep sharing, have lots of fun, relax, chill, see, explore and kiss the beautiful low-slung gray Dutch sky for me.......