Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nice Night Out In Atwater

Good turnout for tonight's "Summer Nights on the Boulevard" event in Atwater Village. Baracoa was packed so I got a few tacos at Hugo's (meh) and a surprisingly tasty non-dairy soft serve cone, then enjoyed the street life before eventually hanging out and reading at Kaldi Coffee while several good bands played just outside the door. I especially enjoyed Gaby Moreno.


qazwsx said...

Yeah, no exactly sure who likes Hugo's. I figure it must be recent LA immigrants who are too scared to visit a real taco stand/truck. The La Estrella in Highland Park or Pasadena serves one of the best fish (and shrimp) tacos in town.

Scott said...

The whole multiple salsa thing was way too complicated - pick the best pairing and serve it to me that way, dammit. I ended up with weird combinations choosing my own.