Friday, March 13, 2009

Glendale History Drive Event, Saturday, March 14th

From the Glendale Public Library's Book Talk blog:

"The Glendale Public Library is interested in collecting and/or scanning items to add to its collection of:

  • photos and documents relating to Glendale’s cultural and civic events,
  • images of landmark family celebrations in Glendale, and
  • photos and documents pertaining to buildings, houses and places of interest in Glendale.
Selected items will be scanned at the Kick Off event or at a later date. Walk ins are welcome, but appointments are encouraged.

The Glendale History Drive will continue by appointment through the end of June.

Saturday, March 14th
Glendale Public Library Auditorium
222 East Harvard Street
Glendale CA 91205

I'll be volunteering for the duration of the event with the Glendale Historical Society, so please bring in any historically interesting Glendale photos you might have, I'd love to see them.


Anonymous said...

what do you think of having a farmers market at the Americana on Sundays? do you think it'll really be that competitive for the Montrose one to survive?

Scott said...

Montrose is too far away for me to go to the Harvest Market regularly.

Consider it from my perspective in SW Glendale. I usually patronize the downtown Glendale Farmers Market (one mile away) and the Atwater Village Farmers Market (also one mile away, and also on Sunday) - with two options less than one mile away, why would I drive six miles to Montrose?

From my location, even the awesome Hollywood farmers market on Ivar is closer than Montrose. It would be unfair to protect the Montrose Harvest Market by euthanizing an additional option for those of us in south Glendale.