Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Peek Into The Fevered Minds Of My Accidental Readership...

Here is a small selection of the search keywords that have led visitors to this blog recently:
animal style fries
strip club glendale
"i opened the car door into traffic"
"mildred pierce" glendale location
rick caruso mistress
blog glendale armenians
best pancakes in glendale
blog primitive archer
breyers cookie dough no cookie dough
city of glendale large x-mas tree
does toonerville beef it with 18 street
girls girls girls stripclub in glendale sanfernando
glendale girls nude
how many suicides at shooting ranges
is chevy chase blvd named for actor
is the americana in glendale closing down?
live nude strip club atwater
marshmallow pizza
nude girls sledding
porto secret tip
shia leboeuf live in glendale
hiking old zoo griffith park
fairmount extension project glendale what is doing
rick caruso - italian or armenian
Fellow bloggers- what are the most interesting items you've found in your search logs recently? Please share.


qazwsx said...

I have -

wii repair service, celsius drink, tz3 test, getting a wii, how much does burning man cost, europcar scam, blackberry google sync, burning man photos, wii repair.

Sunroom Desk said...

I don't have any to offer because I haven't installed the right widget! Now I've made a mid-January New Year's resolution. I may have answers in the near future!

Scott said...

Sunroom, I recommend getting a free Google Analytics account.


Sunroom Desk said...

Thanks, I set it up and will start checking in.